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Everything in the universe is made up of vibrational energy. It is the blueprint for reality. Three things happen when you heal with reiki:


  1. You tap into universal energy

  2. You guide it to improve the body’s underlying energetic blueprints

  3. The body adopts a new optimized state, causing it to heal


As reiki healers, we tap into this infinite pool of energy and channel it to provide wondrous life changing benefits for ourselves and our patients.


An aura is a type of universal energy that appears to surround objects and living things, this is the way we perceive it, but actually you do not create your aura, your aura creates you.


Your aura puts off and absorbs information. It is your energy system that can both transmit and receive signals. Your memories, thoughts, emotions and experiences all exist inside your aura and affect its health. Since your body is a physical projection of your aura, your physical health is dependent on the health of your aura. For example, if you think a certain negative thought often, it will start to show up in your aura as dark muddy blob and then take shape as a physical symptom.


Constant physical or emotional pain, feeling drained, obesity, addiction to food, drugs, alcohol,  depression, relationship problems... these are all symptoms that manifest from your aura. What would your life be like if you didn't suffer from a particular symptom?


All of that can change as you begin to allow the universal life force energy into your life.

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