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Reiki is a safe and effective practice For use with babies and children of all ages.


Reiki will allow them to reduce the number of temper tantrums they throw by regulating their emotions. They will learn to be more self-sufficient by harnessing their natural healing abilities. Reiki will increase their level of attentiveness by balancing their upper Chakras.


Reiki promotes relaxation of both the physical body and the mental body. Children often have trouble sleeping because one or both of these bodies is not able to relax enough for the child to peacefully rest. They have fears of dark or nightmares.


Getting enough rest will keep a child from getting sick.


Kids are most susceptible to various illnesses because their immune systems are still developing. Reiki can help them to stay healthy while others around them are spreading germs.


Kids also more accident prone. Reiki will boost their natural powers to easily heal themselves and foster their sense of independence as they learn that they are capable of harnessing this power all by themselves. They don’t have to know what’s wrong to be able to heal themselves, energy travels wherever it is needed most.


Also, many children have difficulties paying attention or concentrating on a single task. Reiki increases their focus and concentration, balancing their emotions, teach them to choose how to react to each situation they encounter and make positive choices in their lives.


As we are raising the next generation it is important to teach our children the importance of peace and kindness, let’s make sure they are focused on positive energy and the good of all people. By doing so we will create a better world for all of us.


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