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Aura is not only made from your own energy, it also absorbs energy from your environment - people and places. They all have their own Auras that are sending out energy. You are taking that energy and making it part of your own Aura. If it is negative - it can create energy blocks and chords in your own Aura and lead to poor emotional, mental, and spiritual health.There are many factors that can damage your aura. Thoughts are energy forms. When people get angry, negative energy forms. Being in the company of someone who's depressed, jealous, negative, or your own negative thoughts and emotions can thin out your aura, causing you emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical problems. Some of the most common signs of a hole in your aura include: irritability, depression, chronic fatigue, short temper, confusion, addiction, obesity, and pain.


By cleansing your Aura you will

  • think more clearly

  • prevent or reverse illness in your physical body

  • open yourself to love from the world and people in your life

  • experience deep, restful sleep and wake up feeling energized

  • spark lost passions or ambitions

  • heighten your spiritual connection with the Universe and Divine

Cleansing Aura
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