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“Nothing happens by chance, everything is connected, has its own vibration. We have to take action to make things happen.”

Natalia was born into a family of energy healers and has always been aware of her gift for energy healing. Despite Soviet-era Russia’s prohibition of energy healing, her mother and grandmother were healers, and Nataila grew up witnessing miracles. Due to the legal risk involved, she was taught to refrain from practicing energy healing. In spite of her ability to heal, even across vast distances, Natalia avoided doing what she was born to do.


After 30 years in the United States, trying to live a “regular life,” Natalia finally decided to pursue Reiki. She is certified by Reiki Infinite Healer for Reiki Training, affiliated with The International Center for Reiki Training, and a member of the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches. She lives and practices in Greenacres, Florida, where she also teaches Reiki.


“I heal the wholeness of human beings: the physical body, the energy body, and spiritual body.”


She believes that to maintain health, positivity, and well-being in all areas of life, everyone should have Reiki every month, and everyone should learn level one Reiki.


Natalia, her mother, and grandmother


When reiki will not work


Reiki will not work when, on a conscious or subconscious level, the client does not want to be healed or made healthy again. Many people cling to an illness as a way to get attention and sympathy. Sometimes people are full of tension, fear, doubt, and skepticism, resisting every flow of energy and pleasant sensation.


Realize that all hatred, jealousy, and aggression isn’t you. These are just programs. Your mind is like a computer that can be infected with viruses. Your task is to disinfect these programs and set yourself free.

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