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Sex in our lives

Great sex begins with chemistry. It is a natural attraction and passionate desire to want to devour each other. And while all this physical activity is taking place, there must be a deep connection that bonds you. That is more than just sex, and it is spiritual. It is a level of sexual expression where you feel as if your souls are joined.


Your sexual energy is one of the keys to your innate power, wisdom, and freedom. Every oppression, government, religion has controlled sexuality because there is a lot of power and empowerment through the sexual act. Sexual energy will elevate you to new heights. It will bring you new levels of cosmic love, freedom, and allow you to tap into your gifts, abilities, spiritual power, and wisdom.


Human sexuality is powerful and sacred; it must be honored. Sex is much more than a physical interaction - it is energetic exchange and opening

into another person on an energetic and spiritual level. The act of sex creates a connection between your energy field (aura) and the energy

field of the person with whom you are having sex. When you are about to climax in a sexual orgasm, you can redirect these primary energies to change your reality. If you consciously align your climax primary energy with your will love, and imagination, all kinds of dreams will be born. This alignment can change your reality. Most of us waste this energy instead of using to create our lives, alone, or with a partner, in a magical way to make our dreams come true. Orgasm, or double orgasm with your partner, are powerful and life-changing building blocks to make your dreams into realities.


With frequent sex with a partner, we exchange with one another. We are also taking on our partner’s emotional problems because of an electromagnetic exchange, which creates a powerful link for psychic feeding.


When this connection forms, you will pick up or absorb whatever occupies the other person’s energy field. Including entity, you will absorb that entity into yourself. You allow or invite anything within the person’s energy field to come to you. It is important to choose correct people who you want to open yourself to on that level. Vast beings use your genitals as doorways without you even realizing it. They will suck your energies from astral planes, other dimensions, make you feel valueless, purposeless.


If sex is used to feed the negative ego, it will lead to depression, sadness, guilt, grief, and loneliness. Lower forms of sexuality are repulsive and degrading to all parties involved. It is vital to not participate in the normalization of sexual behaviors that aren’t based on mutual respect. Intimacy through pain, not love - with sadistic or masochistic intent - is not a fusion that energizes, but one that depresses. If someone having sex with multiple people - they carry around multiple energies, have a confused aura, and can attract negative energy into their life.

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